Sweden’s most popular services for monitoring, processing and analyzing the construction projects market.

Tailored construction information based on our continuous market research on who builds what, where, when and how.

With us as your business partner, you will get a better idea of the market and a more effective sales and marketing effort, which will lead to more and better business opportunities and increased sales.

Establishing contacts between buyers and sellers of products and services in the Swedish construction market.

Sweden’s largest product information service for professionals and consumers in the construction industry. Byggfaktadocu.se is the natural choice for architects, consultants, developers and contractors when they need to choose products, and alltombostad.se is the place to go for private consumers.


We are a complete supplier of market information within the treatment center and nursing home market, and Sweden´s largest venue for healthcare purchasers and providers. Within SSIL we offer market intelligence, information services, marketing services, seminars and media through our market leading industry newspaper Omtanke.


CityMark is a business-focused hub for interested parties within the commercial rental market. CityMark maps, processes and distributes customer-relevant information from the commercial rental market for landlords and suppliers, thus being able to offer the right company the right contact at the right time. The company also includes the CityMark magazine.

Nordic Family Group

The Nordic Family Group is a media agency with comprehensive expertise in communicating with families during pregnancy and early parenthood. Through concepts such as the Babybox we provide advertisers with a unique opportunity to meet and impact our target group – with the aim of building a strong relationship with our clients brand.

Svenska Media

A complete media company with its own editorial staff, producing magazines and concept media within the group’s business areas.


Ad sales on behalf of both B2B and B2C clients.


Connects householders, associations and organizations who needs help with larger projects with companies such as suppliers and installers. The distance between buyer and seller is simply shortened. As a buyer, all you need to do is send a request for the job you want done and we connect you with one of our professional partners.

Fastighetssverige and Lokalnytt

Fastighetssverige and Lokalnytt are leading media channels in the commercial construction and real estate industry. The companies publish niche digital news, conducts conferences and offer a leading marketplace all targeting the niche B2B real estate industry. Fastighetssverige and Lokalnytt include the well known websites Fastighetssverige.se, Lokalnytt.se and Nordicpropertynews.com.

Familjehemsbanken AB

Familjehemsbanken, founded in 2009, conducts contact mediation between family homes and municipalities, companies and organizations within family home care in Sweden. The company has since its inception managed to attract many of Sweden’s municipalities and consultants as customers and today has more than 200 customers and over 100 available family homes and other contractors in its database.