Olmero (CH)

Olmero is the leading provider for digital tendering in Switzerland. Their platform and services help issuers, contractors and suppliers to connect with the right partners by offering project and product information and enabling them to handle all tender processes online.

INFO-TECHNO Baudatenbank GmbH (AT)

With its online services AUSSCHREIBUNG.AT and BAUDATENBANK.AT, INFO-TECHNO Baudatenbank GmbH, headquartered in Mondsee, has been a professional and competent partner to the construction industry in Austria since 1992. With more than 29 years of experience in the development and marketing of digital offerings, INFO-TECHNO is a partner for decision-makers at companies and corporations in the Austrian construction industry.

Profis Direkt GmbH (DE)

Connects householders, associations and organizations who needs help with larger projects with companies such as suppliers and installers. The distance between buyer and seller is simply shortened. As a buyer, all you need to do is send a request for the job you want done and we connect you with one of our professional partners.