Connecting suppliers to key construction ecosystem participants through multiple product touchpoints and offering data and software led insights to drive sales for customers.

Our vision, mission and strategy


Connect the construction market to help the world build better.


By using our unique data, insights, and software solutions, our customers in the construction industry will sell more, improve efficiency, and build more sustainably.

Strategic competitive advantages

Byggfakta Group’s long experience from the industry and strategic initiatives in recent years have created clear competitive advantages and several barriers to entry for competitors.

  1. Unique content in sophisticated databases: 25+ years of data collection in combination with sophisticated database systems means that Byggfakta Group can provide a unique data set that is next to impossible to recreate.
  2. Market leading software: Byggfakta Group offers its customers access to market leading software solutions and integrated systems for utilising large amounts of data.
  3. Strong customer Engagement: Byggfakta Group’s unique product offering has resulted in strong relationships with over 50,000 customers, with a high retention rate and good opportunities for upselling.

Growth strategy

Byggfakta Group has designed its strategy based on the Group’s financial targets of double digit organic and profitable growth.

Increased cross‐fertilisation of Byggfakta’s product offering. Through interlinking of data from different product areas, we are building an enhanced offering where data from one area can enrich another, thereby enabling our customers to conduct more accurate commercial analyses and achieve higher sales.

Expand to reinforce. We will reinforce our positions in existing markets through continued investment in our sales force, which will bring earnings growth, and continue to evaluate new markets where we can gradually build new strong positions.

Byggfakta has a strong history of successful SME acquisitions within our industry, and our cash flow helps support acquisitions and maintain the company’s indebtedness in line with our financial target.

Increased retention rate. Strengthened offering through improvements to product and service offerings. Developed customer partnerships with the aim of attracting, growing and retaining even more customers. One global network.

One shared global network for data and software solutions targeting the construction industry, which in time will also deliver cost synergies.