Connecting suppliers to key construction ecosystem participants through multiple product touchpoints and offering data and software led insights to drive sales for customers.

Our vision, mission and strategy

Byggfakta Group’s vision is to become the de facto industry standard and go-to sales lead platform within the global construction ecosystem.

Byggfakta Group’s mission is to connect product buyers and sellers across the construction industry. The proprietary data provides the possibility of market analytics and insights.

Byggfakta Group’s growth plan is built up by strategic initiatives focusing on product roll-out in core markets, sales excellence across units, increase spend per client, continued local market consolidation, new market entry and the expansion of the value proposition through M&A.

The growth strategy is formulated to achieve the financial targets of double digit organic and profitable growth complemented by strategic acquisitions. The strategy is based on Byggfakta Group’s key strengths and focuses on the following five main areas:

1. Expand current products into existing markets
2. Cross-sell new products to existing customers
3. Up-sell new features to existing customers
4. Implement Byggfakta Group sales model across the group (in particular recent M&A) and best practice sharing
5. Execute pipeline of M&A for complementary software and new market entry

Our highly efficient and resilient
business model

Byggfakta Group lies at the core of the construction ecosystem connecting all participants through a range of integrated solutions

Products that make a difference

Our products are used by companies across the world every day. Learn more about our brands and products here.


Our group management team brings decades of diverse professional experience and practical knowledge to the company. They are responsible for the daily operations and development of Byggfakta Group across all countries.