Byggfakta Group aims to be a Net Zero business by 2030. We have set ambitious emissions reductions targets through our operations and actively give back to the environment. Through our platforms, we also seek to enable the construction sector to make improved sustainable decisions that have a positive impact.

Our operational emissions

At Byggfakta Group, we recognize that we must measure and reduce our operational carbon emissions, including scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. We report on our emissions annually, and continue to work on our emission reduction plan aligned with our goal. Due to the scale of our organization, we began by measuring our scope 1 and 2 emissions initially for all business units within the group. Moving forward towards 2030, our ESG team have implemented processes that allow us to expand these measurements to scope 3. All emissions measured are identified and published within our annual reports.

Initial measurement of our emissions has allowed us to identify areas where we are performing well, but also those areas where we can make significant improvements. As a predominantly cloud-based technology company, our most significant environmental impacts are through the energy used in our offices, business travel conducted as part of our operations and our use of web services which provide our solutions and hold data.

Electric vehicle

Reducing emissions from our business

Byggfakta Group has set a goal to become a net zero operational carbon emissions business by 2030, and our ESG strategy outlines our aims in respect to our emissions reduction plan. As part of our strategy, we have implemented group-wide policies that aim to reduce emissions through our energy consumption and business travel. We have implemented a group energy policy which requires all business units to plan their transition to renewable energy. Furthermore, we have also introduced a new travel policy, which places a ‘digital first’ approach to all meetings, both internally and with external stakeholders, to limit travel. Finally, our company fleet policy was also revised in the Nordics to place emphasis on the lease and/ or purchase of a low-emission company fleet, particularly through the acquisition of EV and hybrid vehicles. These changes are also intended to be rolled out group-wide in the near future.

Our group policies can be found here:

Our annual emissions statements can be found within our annual sustainability report:

How we contribute to a more climate neutral industry

BFG climate neutral industry

Byggfakta Group is a significant player in the construction sector. Our cloud-based platforms allow thousands of construction professionals each day to make decisions in relation to their projects. Part of the vision for Byggfakta Group is to actively support the transition to a low-carbon economy. Our data platforms provide methodologies and means for projects to achieve more sustainable outcomes. Providing the market with critical information on the sustainability requirements of projects, plus the sustainability credentials and performance of products, will be powerful drivers of change within the sector.

Details of companies within the Byggfakta Group and our products can be found on our group companies’ page.