Byggfakta Group has a clear management and reporting structure for all ESG matters. As a business we operate strictly in accordance with our anti-corruption and bribery policy, which extends to all stakeholders within our value chain.

Byggfakta Group
governance overview

Our governance practices, policies and guidelines provide a critical framework to conduct our business in accordance with laws, regulations and our diverse stakeholders’ best interests. Our corporate governance is closely linked to our core values: ambition, curiosity, integrity, responsibility and collaboration.

All Byggfakta Group employees have a responsibility to actively contribute to the company’s sustainability efforts in their areas of responsibility, and each manager is responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance through the setting of objectives and performance monitoring processes.

Our organizational structure, which is set out below, has been specifically designed to implement the group’s ESG strategy. This structure will be annually reviewed and adapted, as needed.

Byggfakta Group operates a zero-tolerance approach to:

  • Any form of forced and/ or child labour.
  • Bribery and corruption.

This zero-tolerance approach also extends to all stakeholders in our value chain, specifically suppliers of goods and services to Byggfakta Group. This zero-tolerance approach is also supported by our code of conduct and ethics, and our whistle-blower policy, which explain the company’s principles and approach, but also depict how we report violations of principles, guidelines, and regulations.

Our whistle-blower and anti-corruption and bribery policies, and code of conduct and ethics, can be found here: