Byggfakta Group’s board of directors has adopted the following financial targets:

Revenue growth:

Byggfakta aims to achieve an annual organic sales growth of at least 10% driven by double digit organic ARR growth. Furthermore, Byggfakta aims to make strategic acquisitions, financed by the strong free cash flow, that will add another 5-15% to annual sales growth in the medium term.

EBITDA margin:

Byggfakta aims to achieve an EBITDA margin of at least 40% in the medium term.

Capital structure:

Byggfakta aims to maintain a net debt / EBITDA ratio below 3.0x, excluding temporary impact from acquisitions.

Dividend policy:

Byggfakta does not foresee paying any dividend in the short to medium term, as the Company intends to use all excess cash flows for strategic acquisitions.