Byggfakta Group’s employees are at the heart of everything we do, as a responsible employer we embrace equality, diversity and inclusion. As with our employees, the local communities in which our businesses operate are also a priority and we actively promote a culture of ‘giving back’ through supporting various local projects.

Diversity, equality,
and inclusion

Byggfakta Group embraces diversity, equality and inclusion in our workforce, and will not discriminate against any person(s) that is an existing employee or a potential new candidate for employment within the Byggfakta Group.

Our company has an excellent balance with regards to gender composition across the whole workforce. Although this may fluctuate year on year, it does and will remain as close to a 50:50 gender composition as possible. With respect to employee age, the construction sector typically has a high average age of workforce. However, as a technology-focused business, our companies attract much younger talent compared to the average across the sector. We monitor our workforce’s average age yearly and report on this, along with our gender balance, in our annual sustainability report. Furthermore, we have implemented a group-wide process to monitor the well-being and engagement rate of our staff.

More information on the metrics can be found in our annual sustainability report here:

Our policy regarding diversity, equality and inclusion can be found here:

Supporting local communities and the environment

Byggfakta Group recognizes the importance of the local communities in which our businesses operate. Outside of our day-to-day operations, we do as much as we can to support both those communities and the local environment, from supporting local charities and children’s sports teams through to re-establishing forests near to our offices. The way in which we give back is as important to us as it is to those whom we interact with.

We provide details of recent support given to local community projects within our annual reports. Below are some examples of some of the typical projects we have supported.

Rehabilitating local waterways – Australia

In 2021, our Australian specification business unit ,SCL Schumann, supported the Hindmarsh Island Landcare Group in their mission to protect, rehabilitate and reconnect waterways. The SCL team contributed one native plant for every project they worked on since the pandemic began and will continue with this initiative. This is also a great way for SCL Schumann to thank clients for each and every project worked on with them.

SCL Schumann supported the Hindmarch Island Landcare Group to rehabilitate local waterways.

SCL Schumann supported the Hindmarch Island Landcare Group to rehabilitate local waterways.

Supporting local childrens sports teams

Byggfakta Sweden promotes children’s health and well-being and makes it possible for more children to exercise sports.

Supporting local children’s sports teams – Sweden

Aligning with our approach to diversity, equality and inclusion, Byggfakta Group wants to contribute to a world where all children get the same opportunities to participate in sport. We want to promote children’s health and well-being and give young people the opportunity to be included and feel part of a community.

For example, in the small town of Ljusdal, Sweden, where the head office is located, we support our local children’s sports teams across various sports.

Forestation Projects – United Kingdom

Our UK specification business, NBS, has been planting trees in the local area close to its offices in Newcastle-upon-Tyne annually, in recognition of their carbon emissions dating back to their base year calculations. Whilst these trees will not fully offset carbon until they mature, the reforestation projects go beyond carbon capture by re-establishing local wildlife habitats.

Forestation Projects - UK

One of the areas of reforestation supported by NBS in Crook, County Durham, UK.