RPT Byggfakta

Establishing contact between buyers and sellers of products and services in the Finnish construction market.


Free BIM and CAD models for architects and structural engineers.

Nordic Family Group

The Nordic Family Group is a media agency with comprehensive expertise in communicating with families during pregnancy and early parenthood. Through concepts such as the Babybox we provide advertisers with a unique opportunity to meet and impact our target group – with the aim of building a strong relationship with our clients brand.


CityMark is a business-focused hub for interested parties within the commercial rental market. CityMark maps, processes and distributes customer-relevant information from the commercial rental market for landlords and suppliers, thus being able to offer the right company the right contact at the right time.


Forecon, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Tampere, is a Finnish research and expert services company specializing in monitoring and forecasting the construction and real estate market. History dates back to the 1970’s when VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland established a research unit focused on monitoring the construction market, which became part of Forecon in 2013. Besides the Finnish construction market, the company also monitor the construction market in Europe and in the Baltics.