Decisions as to the current remuneration levels and other conditions for employment for the CEO and the other members of the executive management are stipulated in the employment agreements.

Current employment agreements for the CEO and other executive management

The CEO is currently entitled to an annual fixed salary of SEK 3,075,000 and pension benefits according to the ITP pension plan. In addition to this, the CEO is also entitled to a monthly pension premium equalling ten per cent of his monthly fixed salary and an average of the bonus from the last three years. Provided that certain financial targets set by the Chairman of the board of directors are met, the CEO may also receive a bonus. The financial targets are set yearly for the coming financial year. Pursuant to the current employment agreements with the other senior executives, the bonus shall not exceed between twenty-five and fifty per cent of the fixed annual salary. Regarding Colin Smith, a discretionary bonus is instead subject to the remuneration committee’s absolute discretion.

There is a mutual notice period for the CEO of six months in case of termination by either Byggfakta or by the CEO. If the CEO during the notice period receive any new income earned in a new employment, this income shall be set-off against the income from Byggfakta during the notice period. The CEO is not entitled to any severance pay if the employer terminates the employment. The employment agreement further contains a non-compete undertaking with a duration of twenty-four months after the termination of employment, a non-solicitation of customers with legal force of nine months after the termination of employment and a non-solicitation of employees with legal force of six months after the termination of employment. As consideration for the non-compete restriction, the CEO would be entitled to remuneration corresponding to the difference between the salary offered by the new employment opportunity and the salary he had in his employment with Byggfakta (calculated on the basis of both fixed salary and variable remuneration). However, this remuneration shall not exceed sixty per cent of the average monthly remuneration from Byggfakta.

For the other senior executives, the notice period is between six to twelve months in case of termination by Byggfakta and between three to twelve months in case of termination by the senior executive. No senior executive is entitled to severance pay in connection with termination of its employment. However, Colin smith is entitled to a statutory redundancy pay in accordance with English law should the agreement be terminated by reason of redundancy.

Pension benefit premiums are defined contribution pension or defined benefit pension and must be in accordance with the levels, practice and collective bargaining agreements applicable in the country where the relevant member of the executive management is employed.

The current CEO and other members of executive management were employed by the company, on the terms set out above, in 2021. Consequently, during 2020, no remuneration was paid to the CEO and other members of executive management.