VORTAL is an international leading eSourcing and eProcurement platform for the public and private sector, which connects thousands of buyers with an international network of qualified suppliers.


Olmero is the leading provider for digital tendering in Switzerland. Their platform and services help issuers, contractors and suppliers to connect with the right partners by offering project and product information and enabling them to handle all tender processes online.

BCI’s eProcure solution is one of Australia’s leading solutions for public and private procurement. The solution ensures probity, auditability and accountability and enables users to produce and disseminate bid, tender and procurement requests, organise their supplier base, and handle and evaluate submissions with confidence.

  • BCI Central (APAC)

INFO-TECHNO is the leading provider for digital management of construction projects in Austria offering professional tendering and product databases.

  • Info-Techno Baudatenbank GmbH (AT)

Nexus IT delivers innovative solutions applied to Public Procurement, with PLYCA, and full support to management processes in clinical laboratories, with OpenLIS.

  • Nexus IT (ES)

Quest CDN, established in 1999, is providing SaaS based bid management systems for public construction, RFPs, as well as general goods and services procurement to maximize efficiency and communication. The application was designed to digitize, automate, and effectively serve as the information channel between the owner and the entire bidding community.

  • QuestCDN (US)