Corporate governance refers to the decision-making systems through which the owners directly or indirectly control the company.

Corporate governance after the listing on Nasdaq Stockholm

Byggfakta is a Swedish public limited liability company. Prior to the listing on Nasdaq Stockholm, corporate governance in the company was based on Swedish law and internal rules and instructions. Once Byggfakta has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, the company will also comply with Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rule Book for Issuers and apply the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”). The Code applies to all Swedish companies with shares listed on a regulated market in Sweden and shall be fully applied in connection with the listing of a company. The company is not obliged to comply with every rule in the Code as the Code itself provides for the possibility to deviate from the rules, provided that any such deviations and the chosen alternative solutions are described, and the reasons therefore are explained in the corporate governance report (in accordance with the so-called “comply or explain principle”).

Byggfakta will apply the Code from the time of the listing of the shares on Nasdaq Stockholm. Any deviation from the Code will be reported in the company’s corporate governance report, which will be prepared for the first time for the 2021 financial year. However, in the first corporate governance report, the company is not required to explain non-compliance with such rules that have not been relevant during the period covered by the corporate governance report. Currently, the company does not expect to report any deviations from the Code in the corporate governance report.