The board of directors of Byggfakta Group Nordic HoldCo AB (publ) ("Byggfakta") has resolved to utilise the authorisation granted by the annual general meeting held on 24 May 2022 to repurchase own shares in order to enable delivery of shares to participants in the long term, share based, employee stock option program (LTI 2022/2025).

Repurchase of own shares in relation to LTI 2022/2025
Acquisitions of shares pursuant to the share buy-back program will be carried out in accordance with Nasdaq Rulebook for Issuers. Acquisitions of shares will be managed by an investment firm or credit institution that makes its trading decisions regarding the timing of the acquisitions of Byggfakta's shares independently of Byggfakta.

The repurchase of own shares related to LTI 2022/2025 is subject to the following terms:

  • Acquisitions may be made of no more than 2,200,000 shares in order to secure the delivery obligations of shares to participants in the LTI 2022/2025
  • The shares may only be acquired on Nasdaq Stockholm in accordance with the Nasdaq Nordic Main Market Rulebook
  • The authorisation may be exercised on one or more occasions, until the 2023 annual general meeting
  • The shares may only be acquired at a price per share within the from time to time registered trading interval

Byggfakta's current holding of own shares
Byggfakta does not currently hold any of its own shares. The total number of outstanding shares in the company is 218,666,667.