Peter Hedin has been appointed as Byggfakta Group’s acting CFO. Peter assumes the role on 1 February 2024 in conjunction with the company’s current CFO Johnny Engman’s departure, which was announced in July 2023. Peter’s assignment extends until August 2024 at which point, as announced in January 2024, Fredrik Lundqvist takes over the role as CFO.

Peter Hedin is currently Head of Group Financial Control at Byggfakta Group and has been with the company since March 2023. Prior to joining Byggfakta Group, Peter was Head of Accounting at Tobii Dynavox. Peter has a BSc in engineering and a BBA in business administration, both from Karlstad University.

During his tenure as acting CFO, Peter Hedin will also be included in the company’s Group management, before returning to his role as Head of Group Financial Control at the end of the period, once Fredrik Lundqvist has joined Byggfakta Group.