Byggfakta Group (Byggfakta) acquired parts of the quotation request service HelpHero AB in 2019 and has, until today, owned 50.1% of its shares. Byggfakta has also had the option of acquiring the remaining shares of HelpHero since the initial acquisition. Byggfakta has now exercised this option, meaning that the company now owns 100% of the shares in HelpHero.

HelpHero has a history dating back to 2005 when the company was founded. The company’s service connects private individuals, associations and organisations that require assistance with major projects with professional companies, installers and suppliers who wish to enhance the efficiency of their marketing and sales. HelpHero currently conducts operations mainly in Sweden, but has also been active in Germany, through the subsidiary Profis Direkt GmbH, since 2019. In 2022, the companies had a turnover of MSEK 41 with a healthy EBITDA margin (%).

“HelpHero has developed well over the past few years, which has led to profitable growth. This has been driven in particular by the company’s successful investment in the German market. HelpHero’s e-tendering platform is mainly designed to connect private individuals taking on larger renovation projects with professional suppliers, which is an area with continued great future potential. In light of the above, it is completely natural that we are now exercising the option to acquire the remainder of the company, thereby making HelpHero a wholly owned subsidiary,” says Dario Aganovic, CEO of Byggfakta Group.

Since July 1st, 2021, HelpHero has been fully consolidated in Byggfakta Group, when an option was exercised to become majority owner, and is part of the Construction solutions – Nordic operating segment. As a result, exercising the option will have no impact on Byggfakta Group’s sales or earnings. The price of the remaining shares impacts Byggfakta’s cash flow in the second quarter of 2023.