Byggfakta Group has signed an agreement to acquire all shares in the Polish company Otwarty Rynek Elektroniczny (Marketplanet). Marketplanet is Poland’s leading eSourcing and eProcurement company and its solutions portfolio cover the entire Source-to-Pay processes from Procurement Planning, supplier verification, eTendering through negotiation and, Contracts Management to eInvoice management. The acquisition establishes Byggfakta Group in one of Europe’s largest markets.

Marketplanet was founded in 2001 and has an offering that covers both private sector and public sector procurements. Since it was founded, the company has continually developed its offering and is now Poland’s leading eTendering and eProcurement company. The offering consists of three platforms with differentiated characters:

  • Source-to-Pay platform primarily used by major companies in the private sector. The platform helps to automate the entire procurement process, thereby enhancing efficiency and raising the level of automation and digitalisation.
  • Public eTendering. The platform is currently used in public sector procurements by about 2,200 public bodies.
  • Supplier Cloud is a SaaS platform for Suppliers, offering an innovative solution to access business opportunities and interact with their clients.

“Poland is an interesting market that we have had our eyes on for some time. Marketplanet’s e-tendering offering fits Byggfakta Group very well and it is extremely pleasing that we have now taken the step of establishing operations in Poland and strengthening our position in the CEE-region thanks to the acquisition. Poland is a large and growing market in which we plan to further strengthen our offering in the long term,” says Dario Aganovic, CEO Byggfakta Group.

Sales in 2023 are expected to approximately MEUR 5.6 with a healthy EBITDA margin. Approximately 80% of the company’s total revenue derives from recurring revenue.

The acquisition is expected to have a marginal impact on Byggfakta Group’s earnings per share in 2024.