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Byggfakta Group acquires INFO-TECHNO Baudatenbank in Austria

Ljusdal, 30.06.2021

Byggfakta Group has signed a binding agreement to acquire INFO-TECHNO Baudatenbank GmbH in Austria from WH WEKA Holding GmbH through its subsidiary Olmero. INFO-TECHNO is the leading provider for digital management of construction projects in Austria offering professional tendering and product databases. With the acquisition of INFO-TECHNO, Byggfakta Group will further expand its geographical footprint in Europe.

Zurich / Mondsee, 30 June 2021 – With its online services AUSSCHREIBUNG.AT and BAUDATENBANK.AT, INFO-TECHNO Baudatenbank GmbH, headquartered in Mondsee, has been a professional and competent partner to the construction industry in Austria since 1992. With more than 29 years of experience in the development and marketing of digital offerings, INFO-TECHNO is a partner for decision-makers at companies and corporations in the Austrian construction industry.

“I am truly convinced that Byggfakta Group is the optimal new home for INFO-TECHNO. We will be able to implement our future growth strategy even greater as part of the Group. In particular, the close cooperation with Olmero offers great potential in the area of eTendering, product information services and beyond”, says Sven Klaus-Dieter Elbl, Managing Director of INFO-TECHNO

“I’m very excited to welcome INFO-TECHNO as a new member of the Byggfakta Group. Together with INFO-TECHNO we will continue to expand our eTendering business in the DACH region, but also bring new products to these markets”, says Markus Schulte, CEO and founder of Olmero

“We are very pleased to see INFO-TECHNO join Byggfakta Group and to continue our journey towards the leading player in the European eTendering market. INFO-TECHNO will complement the Olmero business in the DACH region and enhance our capability of establishing other regions”, says Stefan Lindqvist, CEO of Byggfakta Group

The acquisition is subject to screening of foreign investments (“FDI”) by the Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs in Austria and is expected to be completed during the second half of 2021.

View the press release where you can read more.

Get more information about INFO-TECHNO here.



Johnny Engman
CFO, Byggfakta Group
+46 70 355 59 27, [email protected]

Natalie Kiontke
Head of Marketing, Olmero AG
+41 44 200 44 42, [email protected]

Mathilde Eberhard
Corporate Management Assistant, WEKA Group
+49 89.25556-1301, [email protected]